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The 21st Recap (Season One) - Year-In-Review and Awards

September 2, 2019

We celebrate our 21st episode with ‘The 21st Recap’! This episode is the perfect introduction to new listeners, for those who are unsure where to start with the podcast, you can hear a summary of our episodes which may help guide you to which ones you may want to listen to first. For our long-time fans, we also present the first round of ‘Rewrite’ awards, with every screenplay up for nomination. At the end, we also reflect on the experience of starting this project and what it has meant to William and Alan. Enjoy this look back at a year of hard work, approximately 2500 pages of feature screenplays read, memories from our favorite episodes and some thoughts on the wonderful experiences we had with our first guests on the show.

Skip ahead to approx. 1:20:00 to hear the awards if you don't want to hear the recaps.

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